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Full Tree Service, Serving the Lehigh Valley & Bucks County since 2015.

Give us a call or shoot us a text

(610)-297-1348. All Estimates are Free of Charge.


Tree Removal

Pruning / Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding

Land Clearing

Forest Restoration

Family Owned & Operated



Call 610-297-1348 (Call for Availability)

$320 for 1 cord of Solid Oak

$275 for 1 cord of Solid Maple

$275 for 1 Cord of Solid Cherry

$400 for 1 Cord of Solid Hickory or Locust

$250 for 1 cord of Mixed Hardwoods (Split and Ready to Burn).


We Sell between 15 and 20% Moisture Content 


Delivery fee is waived for distances under 10 miles and $2.50 per mile after that.


Pick up is available. 

Tree Removal & Pruning


Stump Grinding

Completely remove the stump up to 24" below grade. Note: requires at least three days notice per PA state law. 


Call us for availability and delivery

*Reaper Cord Pictured Above

Trust Us To Tackle Your Next Tree Care Project

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